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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The easiest singleton around

Iv just finished watching stuart-clojure-presentation where the issue of singletons is mentioned (global & thread local ones), a note from the audience mentions delay as a solution, REPL-ing a bit shows how this works:

user=> (defn singleton-factory []
(println "creating object")
(+ 1 2))
user=> (def singleton (delay (singleton-factory)))
user=> (defn usage []
(force singleton))
user=> (usage)
creating object
user=> (usage)

Stuart does mention contrib singleton which has also per-thread-singleton.

user=> (use 'clojure.contrib.singleton)
user=> (def t-singleton (per-thread-singleton singleton-factory))
user=> (defn use-twice [] (+ 1 (t-singleton)) (+ 1 (t-singleton)))
user=> (defn use-twice-no-singleton [] (+ 1 (singleton-factory)) (+ 1 (singleton-factory)))
user=> (. (Thread. use-twice) start) ; each Clojure Fn implements Runnable
user=> creating object ; REPL prints on the wrong line

user=> (. (Thread. use-twice-no-singleton) start)
user=> creating object ; same thing
creating object


This should come useful when working with all those Java mutable objects.

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