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Monday, June 29, 2009

Genericsfaction, getting some generics satisfaction

Java generics have a lot of short shortcoming, most of which are the result of the religious backward compatibility that Java is known for.
One of the most annoying "features" of generics is type erasure in which the compiler removes (almost) any trace of generic types meta data.

Iv been pondering about this issue & had a simple idea, what if we could add back in the meta data that the erasing process removed?
So, iv decided to create a proof of concept in order to show how this might work and named it genericsfaction.

Using genericsfaction requires an additional code manipulation stage in which the source code is scanned & gets its AST manipulated (meta data is introduced), each manipulated source file is dumped into a separate folder (named gen), all that is left is to compile the files under gen (instead of the original src).

At the moment there are only two enrichments implemented, the first is method input parameters annotation enrichment:

public void twoTypeParamsMet(@GenMeta(stringRep = "((Object ()) (Object ()))", classes = { Object.class, Object.class }) Map <Object, Object> map) {
// method code

The second is variable initialization enrichment:

public static void main(String [] args) {
List<Integer> list = (List <Integer>)MetaProxy.newInstance(new ArrayList<Integer>(),"(Integer ())",new Class []{Integer.class});

The reason that annotations aren't used in this case is due to this limitation.

There is no release to play with yet, however the source is up on github (mostly Clojure), I am planing on making a release as soon as ill finish to implement a validation module that uses this meta data in runtime.

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