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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From ugly to usefull

Iv encountered a troubling error in Flex remote services, those of you who are familiar with Flex remote Java services know that results of remote services are serialized into Action script objects by the Flex framework so that the RIA client may consume them.
The problem is that due to some weird reason Java Float values are not converted properly into Numeric objects, for example a float value of 1.51 on the server side will be converted into 1.5099999904632568 Numeric value on the client side.
This is actually the same value of new Float(1.51).doubleValue() in Java which leads me to believe that Flex takes float values and converts them into double values (a stupid floating point error).
The only solution that iv found is to return only double values from the server.

On a different note iv stumbled on this nifty called terminator, this tool enables the division of a single bash window into multiple ones (very useful for those multiple ssh sessions) it made me think where else such an approach could work nicely (Firefox?), anyway check it out!

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