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Friday, April 4, 2008

The stuff that kept me busy latly

Well this post will serve as a brief summary of some interesting things that i had the chance to mess with lately.
First but not least is Flex and actionscript, iv been pondering with the issue of testing Flex application, yeah sure there is FlexUnit still i wanted something slicker & less buggy to work with.
Iv stumbled upon FunFx which seems to answer my quest, getting it to work with Flex 2 wasn't easy (its compiled with Flex 3 sdk which isn't compatible, the documentation on the matter is lacking), it seems to be quite capable tool which leverages rspec framework and other Ruby goodies.
Another aspect which started to get my attention lately is functional programing (can you here the buzz?), iv studied Prolog during college but took the imperative way of doing things since than, i guess that my appeal to the subject right now comes from the need to find cool programing paradigms that can take advantage of Function objects in actionscript (the blog sphere is humming with similar ideas), currently im following some slides that are a part of an introductory course on functional programing (Haskel as the language of choice).
Gookup work has been delayed a bit, still there has been some progress made to the alpha 2 release.
Thats wraps it for now, happy coding.

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