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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yet another informational post (yaip)

After not writing for some time in this blog iv decided that i should post more regularly and share cool ideas/technologies that i encounter on daily/weekly bases, my agenda these days revolves around some of the following:

  • gookup - a Google services backup utility which takes your valuable online data and stores it localy on your hard drive for safe keeping.
    Iv been working on it for the past couple of months, the nice thing about it (besides its usefulness i hope) is the fact that its fully JRuby based & uses Buildr as its build tool.
    This matching allows some intresting combination like 'auto' Jar requiring in our JRuby code via the usage of the artifacts that we define in our build (ill elaborate on this on some other post).

  • Another subject that will keep me busy in the couple of following weeks is Flex, this nifty piece of technology will be a main part of projects that ill take part in the near future.
    My plan is to study the following subjects:Flex Basics, Flex & Java/Tomcat integration, Cairngorm.
    So far iv taken a look on Flex Builder (current idea support should get better on 7.0.3) and some online resources such as thirty-minute Flex test drive .
    Still the best way to study a new technology is by getting your hands dirty and actually building something with it (ill figure something up).

  • Last but not least is Adobe AIR and JavaFX, im considering using one of the two for gookup front end (AIR dosn't support linux yet), still i might just use swing and profligacy instead if the integration with JRuby will prove to be impossible.

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